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Hazel and David Wade

Lead Consultant


My Story

Well hello there! Thank you for selecting our website for your Scentsy interest.

We are a husband & wife team with a passion for scent and we love to share that passion with everyone. We have both worked in retail & customer service roles in our past and when, after a period of ill health & unemployment, we were introduced to Scentsy and the opportunity it gave us to work for ourselves, together, we jumped at the chance.

We joined the Scentsy family in April 2011, when this fantastic US company opened up in the UK and we have not looked back since. For the 5 years previous to this, I became too ill to work a regular job and developed agoraphobia & anxiety. David had to give up his job in order to care for me and look after our family. We both hated being dependent on benefits as we had always worked to provide for our family and we were determined to find something that would restore our sense of worth. That's when Scentsy came in to our lives. I saw a post from an American friend on Facebook one day it showed a beautiful, what I thought was an ornament but was in fact a Scentsy warmer! I asked my friend about it, she sent me some samples of wax and that was it - we were hooked! We were sold on the quality of the wax, the cleanliness and safety of the warmers and the fact that we could buy a warmer that looked so good & complemented our decor.

Since joining Scentsy, yes, we make a comfortable living, but more than that, we have made life-long friends around the world and we have traveled the length and breadth of the UK (yes, me! Agoraphobic me!) meeting new team mates and customers, sharing our story and the quality product that is Scentsy. We have not yet attended one of the amazing incentive trips but I am determined that one day, I will overcome that final fear hurdle and we will be joining the rest of our team on a cruise ship or an aeroplane on an all-expenses paid trip to one of the many exotic destinations offered every year by Scentsy.

If you would like to join us and earn for yourself something so much more than simply an income, drop us a message or click the Join button here on our website and see where your destiny takes you.

Love & hugs, Hazel and David xxx

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